The See.Plan.Do Show

Season 5, Episode 3: B.R.A.G

February 15, 2022

In this episode, Professional Mindset and Business Coach Garry O'Neal, Jr is joined by Marriage Coaches Al & Glesi as they discuss B.R.A.G. (Building a Relationship According to God), tools and tips, and how to THRIVE (not simply survive) in your relationship .

Time Stamps Intro: 0:00 Spend My Life With You~Eric Benet ft. Tamia

SPD Moment of the Week: 3:34

GLE SOTW~5:59 SOTW: All My Life~All My Life

Introduction of Al & Glesi: 6:52


Award Winning Interview: 22:10

Contact Al & Glesi: 49:33

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